Snow Flake Cocoa Recipe

The Snow-Flake Cocoa


What you will need:

-3 cups whole milk

-8 ounces of white chocolate, chopped

-1/4 tsp. vanilla extract

– A pinch of ground cinnamon

-A can of whip cream!


Warm the milk in a saucepan and whisk occasionally until it’s heated thoroughly. Remove the pan from heat and slowly and carefully stir in the chocolates and whisk until it’s smooth and there’s no lumps. Add a couple pinches of cinnamon or maybe even some other spices you might enjoy, and pour into a cute little mug that will make the cocoa look ten times better. Now lastly and most important, fill that mug with LOTS of whip cream! (My favorite part!)


I saw this recipe on, and I love it because it’s so simple and easy to make. I haven’t tried it yet, but if/when you do, make sure to comment and tell me how it is! I hope you enjoy!