The only good one left

The only good one left

We know that 90% of our favorite childhood celebrities (especially the one’s on Disney) grow up to cause us much embarrassment and disappointment (ex: Miley Cyrus, the kid from Home Alone, Lindsey Lohan, etc.) but Allison Mack inspired me as a kid. Me and my mom used to love the show Smallville, it was about superman’s life growing up, and the only reason I loved it so much, was because of Chloe (Allison Mack). She was an amazing actress, but I could tell that she stood out from EVERYONE on that show.

She wore her hair short, and flipped, and her fashion was all her own. I never heard of her career after the show, but I did come across a blog of hers, and I once again was inspired. She never turned into a money hungry, attention crazed super star, she became a blogger. She writes, she has a beautiful and simple blog that I really enjoy, and she’s drug-free, alcohol-free, and disappointment-free (as far as my research shows). So if your tired of being fan’s for celebrities that don’t inspire, but instead make your stomach queeze and make you angry at their latest scandal, check out Allison Mack because SHE’S whats up.



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