The Paleo Diet

My new eating plan!

This might sound like a boring topic, but you actually might be interested depending on who you are so read this anyways:) Next week I’m  going to attempt to do the Paleo diet (also known as the caveman diet). I know that doesn’t sound as elegant as the “Mediterranean diet” or the “tea cleanse” but the Paleo is one of those types of diets that don’t make me SUFFERR! (I needed that to be dramatic). It consists of eating meat and vegetables. I think I’m going to try and eliminate milk too, but that might be hard. I will TRY to avoid breads as much as I can, but that’s pushing it.


BACKGROUND STORY (you don’t really have to read this)

So ever since I was little, my mother hardly eats. Like I don’t know how she is so happy in life when she eats like a bird. She’s been on a gluten diet for almost a year now, and continues to be on it. I tried it once, and it was AWFUL. I get that grains and bread has A LOT of bad things about them (extreme weight gain, bad chemicals, dyes, fatigue) but I am in love with bread and I refuse to just give up on it. But, because my mom makes me feel bad everytime I have a cookie or cake, I’ve decided to go on SOME kind of official diet. So, here I am. I’m going to cleanse the best I can from now until Monday next week. 

My Official Plan’s Layout:

This week: So from now until Monday next week I am going to cleanse out my inner organs from all of the bad things I’ve eaten in the past (well my whole life). I’ll be drinking my collection of tea for breakfast (and coffee of course). For lunch, I will have more tea and eat something light like toast with jelly and nutella (because nutella is beautiful). Then for dinner I will eat something like chicken, or pork, or some kind of “meat” that I really don’t like but will eat anyways.

Week 1 of Paleo: Luckily for me, some amazing person made this website: It is a giant online recipe book for gluten free and paleo diets. I’m not a “eat 3 times a day” kind of girl, so I’ll be making small and easy snackish (but healthy) type of foods throughout the day, and I’ll also bring them to school and graze on them during lunch. I see on a lot of Paleo sites that bacon and potatoes are a big thing for the cavemen diet… but I don’t really know if bacon (though it is delicous) should become the main course for my diet. So mainly I’ll just be having diet salads with chicken and meat on them, and it’ll be great. (That wasn’t sarcastic by the way).


Week 2 of Paleo: Now I’ll gradually add in exercise. And I’m sure some of you are thinking “what a lazy bum, you should be exercising every single day of your young life” and I’m telling you right now, that I am not determined enough to be one of those “go-getter marathon runners”. So I will slowly be adding in some exercise, and I’m not going to pretend like it’s easy because it’s really not. I get home from school and I’m exhausted and brain dead, and all I want to do when I come home is eat and sleep and blog. So really this week is just getting me into a good habit and kind of nudging myself to live like a healthy person everyday.


Week 3 of Paleo: Depending on how good the week of “nudging” went, if I feel like I can do the exercising everyday, I will and I’ll start doing a little more. I might jog around a couple blocks, or walk with my neighbor and his dog, or something. It’ll just get to be a more regular thing. Or I’ll continue to nudge myself.


Week 4 of Paleo: Now I should be in better shape, and I should start feeling a lot healthier and doing at least a couple crunches everyday, and hopefully if I stay motivated, this week will be a lot easier then the first couple and I’ll be ready to make this diet and exercise a regular thing.

The Truth About Diets/Exercise:

So now that I showed you my overall goal, I hope that you (my viewers, my friend’s, my besties) will help me to do these goals and help encourage. I know that there is at least one of you who think that I’m doing this wrong or lazily but the thing is, is no one actually looks like this:

ImagePeople find it hard to stay motivated. All of the times I’ve started a diet, I failed miserably because of a few reasons. One reason was because I set to strict of rules, and I know myself, and I know that I am not a dedicated, driven person. I find it hard to do things that are hard, and I know I should push myself more but I just have a hard time staying happy and motivated. And I know that 50% or more people are this way too. It’s just hard to stick with something, especially when you raise the bar WAY over your head. Another reason I fail is because I take out the things in my life that make me happy. I make myself miserable in order to be healthy, and that honestly just doesn’t work. I don’t want to take out bread because I like it. I mean I really can’t imagine my life, with no bread in it. I will however limit my ingestion of bread for my health’s sake, but I dont want to make myself unhappy. The last reason is because I usually have no support. I love food, and I eat like all the time and so when I go on diets my family get’s there underpants in a wad and is like “are you starving yourself now??” or “yeah right, you not eating a lot? That’ll last a day”. My grandma… however, is the diet DESTROYER.

ImageI love you more then anything in the world grandma. But when I come to your house, you stuff me full of the most yummy things and kills all hope for my diets. It’s okay though your the best. But really… if grandma and my diet cross paths, my diet doesn’t stand a chance. So I think I have some real reason as to why my diets fail. So this time I set REALLY realistic and easy goals, I have motivation (YOU!) and I hopefully will get my family’s support (that means you grandma). If my weight or anything changes after a while, I’ll update everyone. Then I can either recommend or not recommend this diet to you!

Giveaway? What Giveaway? I’m not planning a giveaway or anything…

Thank you so much for reading, oh yeah! And by the way! Lucky for you (whomsoever is reading this) if you liked the post, leave a comment and you will raise your likeliness of being in my upcoming giveaway! (You’re also going to be the first ones to know!) SHHH.






  1. Kavi · January 8, 2014

    Such a good idea! Good luck with it! 🙂

    • MariahPotter · January 8, 2014

      Thank you very much. I’ll need all the luck I can get 😛

  2. ooohitsalyx · January 8, 2014

    Very Informative. Thanks!

    • MariahPotter · January 8, 2014

      No problem! I’ll tell you all how it goes. I’m sure it will work out, you still get to eat good food, just less ;D

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