Fashion Fighting My Insecurities



So this is by far my favorite outfit I’ve worn in a while. It’s simple, but it was really cute. It’s a red, skintight turtleneck matched with a round floral skirt and knee-high brown faux leather boots. It was simple, but it was a statement I decided I needed to make at my new school. I usually wear large clothes to hide in, I feel insecure overall. But the day I decided to wear this I wanted to battle my insecurity and try to be usual, comfortable, fashionable self. I don’t remember if I even got any compiments or stares, all that matters is I defeated my sadness and kept true to myself. I encourage you to keep true to your beautiful self as well! Let this be your inspiration! 





  1. fashtonishing · October 12, 2013

    Super cute outfit!
    Maybe you can help me by clicking on the sidebar icon on my blog? 🙂


  2. Jamie Ledger · October 21, 2013

    That’s a beautiful outfit sweetie 🙂 I wish I had the courage to stand up to people by being who I am at my school…. Your such an inspiration! 🙂

  3. Curves a la mode · October 23, 2013

    I think you look pretty and it was a GREAT outfit choice Mariah. Yeahhh!! to overcoming insecurities 🙂

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